Now that you've built your own CO2 regulator, it's time to gather all the parts to complete the system and start injecting CO2 into your planted tank. We sell high quality CO2 Resistant Tubing that does not kink and is best used for push-to-connect type fittings. We also have the industrial grade clippard check valves to prevent water from back flowing and damaging your custom made co2 regulator. Also checkout our other CO2 accessories such as bubble counter, perma-seal for stopping co2 leaks and many more. 

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12V DC Power Adapter

12V DC Power Adapter for the Clippard Solenoid

24V DC Power Adapter

24V DC Power Adapter for the Clippard Solenoid

CO2 Perma Seal Leak Stopper

Finally stop that CO2 leak problem with the permanent o-ring seal. No need to constantly replace those nylon washers after every CO2 tank refill.

CO2 Regulator Paintball Tank Adapter

This Adapter Converts CO2 Paintball Tank to Standard CGA320 Male Fitting

Inlet Nipple Filter

Porous metal filters for regulator CGA-320 inlet nipples.

Push Connect Plug

Plugs unused push connect CO2 outlets. Recommended for multi-output post body kit.

1/4" Tube Connector

Connects two 1/4" Outside Diameter CO2 tubing.