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Parts Check List

1. 1/4" to 1/8" NPT Adapter
2. Manifold
3. Solenoid
4. Elbow Fitting
5. Hex Nipple Fitting
6. Needle Valve
7. Push Connect Fitting
Wrap the fittings with Teflon Tape clockwise 2 to 3 times skipping the first couple of threads.
Only these 3 fittings needs teflon tape. Never put teflon on the solenoid threads.
For conveniece, you can mount the regulator on the CO2 tank.
Screw in the 1/4" to 1/8" NPT Adapter
Tigthen with an open wrench 2 to 3 turns past finger tight. (Tip: You can wrap your wrench with blue painters tape in order not to scratch your brass fittings.)
Screw in the Solenoid Manifold. Take note of the proper orientation. The side with the two mounting holes on the edge is the output side.
Solenoid Manifold back view. Proper orientation.
Screw in the Elbow Fitting
Screw in the Hex Nipple
Screw in the Needle Valve. You would need a bigger wrench for this but be careful not to over torque when using a bigger wrench.
Screw in the Push Connect Fitting.
Screw in the Solenoid. Finger tight only (the rubber o-rings would make the seal).
Attach Pigtail Power Adapter Spade Terminals. (Tip: Solenoid retaining ring can be loosened to properly orient the solenoids spade terminals.)
You are almost ready to inject CO2. But before that..we need to test for leaks (TO BE CONTINUED...)