Needle Valves

There are tons of needle valves available in the market today but most of them are not intended for very low flow co2 injection that we need for the planted tank hobby. Unlike sub-standard needle valves installed on cheap co2 regulators, our Fabco NV-55 needle valve provides a steady flow of co2 and is able to maintain constant flow rate(i.e. bubble count) throughout the co2 injection on/off cycle. We also offer the smaller and cheaper(but decent) SMC needle valve. Once set, the SMC needle valves reliably holds the flow rate for a set and forget co2 setup. 

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3 Output Manifold

Includes: 3 SMC Needle Valves, 3 Push Connect Fittings, 1 T-Manifold with 1/8"NPT Male Fitting.

Fabco NV-55-18 Needle Valve

One of the most popular needle valve in the hobby today with great adjustability and able to retain set bubble count without the dreaded "drifting" that occurs in cheap, China made needle valves.

SMC AS1200 Needle Valve

This needle valve can be used on manifolds or solenoid that has 10/32 NPT ports. (Not the M5 version being sold on eBay that needs M5 threads).